Date: 29 Sep 2020
Company: Shareplicity
Guest: Danielle Ecuyer (Shareplicity)
Description: Author of Shareplicity, Danielle Ecuyer, discusses her book which happens to be Red Leaf’s favorite share investing manual/guide on the market. Enjoy the Vlog and get the book!

Date: 22 Sep 2020
Company: Vection Technology (VR1)
Guest: Gianmarco Orgnoni (Vection Technologies (VR1))
Description: Our latest Vlog is with Gianmarco Orgnoni from Vection Technologies (VR1) where we discuss the virtual technology companies future growth prospectus and recent contracts.

Date: 8 Sep 2020
Company: FNArena
Guest: Rudi Filapek-Vandyck (FNArena)
Description: Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, founder of FNArena, discusses the recently completed reporting season.

Date: 8 Sep 2020
Company: Fresh Equities
Guest: Alex Stella (Fresh Equities)
Description: Alex Stella, from Fresh Equities, explains how investors can access corporate deals via their platform.

Date: 25 Aug 2020
Company: Concentrated Leaders Fund (CLF)
Guest: David Sokulsky (Concentrated Leader Fund (CLF))
Description: Concentrated Leader Fund (CLF) manager, David Sokulsky, discuss his fund and views on the Australian market.

Date: 4 Aug 2020
Company: VFS Group Investment
Guest: James Whelan (VFS Group Investment)
Description: James Whelan, investment manager at VFS Group Investment, discusses his popular podcast The BIP Show and bullish views global equities.

Date: 27 Jul 2020
Company: Burman Invest
Guest: Julia Lee
Description: Julia Lee, Chief Investment Officer of Burman Invest, is interviewed by Red Leaf Securities CEO John Athanasiou about her fund and also discusses her outlook on Australian equities.

Date: 7 Oct 2020
Company: EVE Investments Ltd (EVE)
Guest: Ben Rohr (EVE Investments Ltd (EVE))
Description: Ben Rohr, from EVE Investments (EVE), discusses the future growth the health food company and their delicious Meluka Australia products. Check out their website and get yourself some of their honey!